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Conference Papers
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Palynological investigations in recent sediments from Isfahan. October 2002
Stable carbon Isotopes in quaternary soil carbonates as indicators of ecological changes in Isfahan(Iran). May 2002
Role of pedogenesis in distribution of Manetic susceptibility in two Aridisols from Isfahan, central Iran. August 2002
Quantitative estimation of palygorskite using theromgravimetric analysis in paleosols from Sepahanshahr , Isfahan, Iran. June 2005
Evaluation of Morgan and Morgan-Finney soil erosion model using GIS in Mehr watershed, Northern Iran. August 2006
Spatial variability of soil nutritional and chemical properties in Appaipally Village, Andra Pradesh province, India. November 2006
Spatial prediction of some biological forest variables by terrain analysis –the Kheiroud kenar Forest, Northern Iran. April 2006
Temporal Yield Variability of Sorghum Using Fractal Analysis under Traditional and Improved Managements in Andra Pradesh, India. June 2006
Genesis and Micromorphology of soils with loess parent material as affected deforestation in a hillslope of Golestan province, Iran. November 2006
Spatial prediction of soil sdalinity in the arid zones using ASTER data, Case study: North of Aghghala Golestan Province. November 2007
Minimum data set determination for soil quality assessment relation to land use changes using factor analysis in northern of Iran. June 2007
Responses of soil quality indicator to three crop rotation systems in paddy soils. May 2008
The Study of Soil and Sediment Quality Indicators in Different Land Uses of North Karun Watershed (Cheshmeh Ali). May 2008
Use of factor analysis to evaluate soil quality relation to land use change in Azadsshahr district, north of Iran June 2008
Indices of weathering for soils developed on selected igneous rocks in the northwest of Iran. July 2010
Land degradation and challenges in sustainable soil management. May 2012
Artificial neutral network as an effective tool for predicting soil organic carbon density in different land uses in northern Iran. September 2013
Prediction of land cover changes by the integration MLP and CAMARKOV model. October 2013
Impact of land use on selected soil physical and chemical properties in Koohrang region, central Zagros, Iran. October 2013
Magnetic susceptibility and free iron oxides (Fed) of a loess-paleosol section at Southweastern Sari (Northern Iran) October 2017
Magnetic properties and Soil formation in modern forest soils along a precipitation gradient in northern Iran January 2018
Journal Papers
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Forms of K as a function of clay mineralogy and soil development. Winter 2006
Tea yield and soil properties as affected by slope position and aspect in Lahijan area, Iran. International Journal of Plant Production Winter 2007
Spatial variability of some soil properties fro site specific farming in northern Iran Winter 2007
Simulation of Runoff, Sediment and Soil Erosion by EUROSEM Model in Sulijan Sub- basin, North Karun Watershed January 2008
Predicting rainfed wheat quality and quantity by artificial neural network using terrain and Soil Characteristics. February 2009
Role of deforestation and hillslope position on soil quality attributes of loess-derived soils in Golestan province, Iran. May 2009
Relationships of barley biomass and grain yields to soil properties within a field in the arid region: Use of factor analysis. December 2009
Soil redistribution rate and its relationship with soil organic carbon and total nitrogen using 137Cs technique in a cultivated complex hillslope in western Iran. July 2010
Soil Surface Salinity Prediction Using ASTER Data: Comparing Statistical and Geostatistical Models. November 2010
Effect of long-term cultivation and crop rotation on organic carbon in loess soils of Golestan Province, northern Iran. February 2011
Use of post-stratification in composite sampling for estimating mean. December 2011
Effect of a long-term cultivation and crop rotations on organic carbon in loess derived soils of Golestan Province, Northern Iran April 2011
Use of magnetic measures to assess soil redistribution following deforestation in hilly region. September 2011
Comparing multivariate regression and artificial neural network to predict barley production from soil characteristics in northern Iran. January 2011
Assessing of Land use Change on soil quality indicators in Loessial soil in Golestan Province, Iran. May 2011
Application of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) to Predict Soil Organic Matter Using Remote Sensing Data in Two Ecosystems. May 2011
Land Suitability Evaluation in Damghan Plain for Barley, using Compare and Conformity Methods (Northeast-Iran) January 2011
Contribution of lithologic and anthropogenic factors to surface soil heavy metals in Western Iran using multivariate geostatistical analyses. February 2011
Assesment of Soil Quality Indicators Related to Land use Change in a Loessial Soil Using Factor Analysis in Golestan Province, Northern Iran. December 2011
Comparing multivariate regression and artificial neutral network to predict barley production from soil characteristics in northern Iran. January 2011
Relationships between magnetic susceptibility and heavy metals in urban topsails in the arid region of Isfahan, central Iran. March 2011
Soil formation in loess-derived soils along a subsumed to humid climate gradient, Northeastern Iran. October 2012
Spatial prediction of USDA-great soil groups in the arid Zarand region, Iran: comparing logistic regression approaches to predict diagnostic horizon and soil types. April 2012
Relationships of 137Cs inventory with magnetic measures of calcareous soils of hilly region in Iran. December 2012
Prediction of soil physical and mechanical properties using optimized support vector machines. April 2012
Mass balance of major elements in relation to weathering in soils developed on igneous rocks in semiarid region, northwestern Iran. July 2012
Soil Organic Carbon Pools in Particle-Size Fractions as Affected by Slope Gradient and Land Use Change in Hilly Regions, Western Iran. August 2012
Spatial distribution of magnetic properties and selected heavy metal in Calcareous soils as affected by land use in the Isfahan region, Central Iran. October 2012
Prediction of soil enzymes activity by digital terrain analysis: Comparing artificial neutral network and multiple linear regression models. January 2012
Soil aggregation and organic carbon as affected by topography and land use change in Western Iran. November 2012
Soil shear strength prediction using intelligent systems: artificial neutral networks and an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system. July 2012
Chronostratigraphic distribution and genesis of Palygorskite in Tertiary sediments of the Isfahan region, Central Iran. September 2012
Identification and prioritization of critical sub-basins in a highly mountainous watershed using SWAT model. August 2012
Determination the Factors Explaining Variability of Physical Soil Organic Carbon Fractions using Artificial Neural Network February 2012
Factors affecting the occurrence of Palygorskite in central Iranian soils developed on Tertiary sediments. May 2013
Magnetic susceptibility and Cs-137 inventory as influenced by land use change and slope position in a hilly, semiarid region of west-central Iran. February 2013
Selection of a taxonomic level for soil mapping using diversity and map purity indices: A case study from an Iranian arid region. January 2013
Estimating wet soil aggregate stability from easily available properties in a highly mountainous watershed. December 2013
Vertical and horizontal distribution of magnetic susceptibility and metal contents in an industrial district of central Iran. July 2013
Relationships between soil depth and Terrain attribute in a semi-arid hilly region in western Iran. April 2013
Magnetic susceptibility and morphological characteristics of loess-paleosol sequence in northeastern Iran. July 2013
Feature selection using parallel genetic algorithm for the prediction of geometric mean diameter of soil aggregates by machine learning method. April 2014
Relationships between grain protein. Zn, Cu, Fe and Mn contents in wheat and soil and topographic attributes. February 2014
Impacts of land use on soil organic matter and degree of compactness in calcareous soils of central Iran. May 2014
Near-saturated soil hydraulic properties as influenced by land use management systems in Koohrang region of central Zagros, Iran. September 2014
Soil organic carbon stock as affected by land use/cover changes in the humid region of northern Iran. February 2014
Pasture degradation effects on soil quality indicators at different hillslope positions in a semiarid region of western Iran. November 2014
Spatial prediction of soil great groups by boosted regression trees using a limited point dataset in an arid region, southeastern Iran November 2014
Lithogenic and anthropogenic impacts on soil surface magnetic susceptibility in an arid region of central Iran. January 2014
Prediction of soil surface salinity in arid region of central Iran using auxiliary variables and genetic programming January 2015
Clay transformation and pedogenic calcite formation on a lithosequence of igneous rocks in northwestern Iran May 2015
Predicting Soil Organic Carbon Density using Auxiliary Environmental Variables in Northern Iran May 2015
Spatial variability of some soil shrinkage indices in hilly calcareous region of western Iran January 2015
ANN-based pedotransfer and soil spatial prediction functions for predicting Atterberg consistency limits and indices from easily available properties at the watershed scale in western Iran February 2015
In situ surface shear strength as affected by soil characteristics and land use in calcareous soils of central Iran January 2015
Climatic interpretation of loess-paleosol sequences at Mobarakabadand Aghband, Northern Iran May 2016
Biomonitoring of atmospheric heavy metals pollution using dust deposited on date palm leaves in southwestern Iran. January 2016
Environmental factors controlling soil organic carbon storage in loess soils of a subhumid region, northern Iran November 2016
Prediction of soil surface salinity in arid region of central iran using auxiliary variables and genetic programming February 2016
Variability of 137Cs inventory at a reference site in a semiarid region of west-central Iran September 2016
Weathering and soils formation on different parent materials in Golestan Province, Northern Iran May 2016
Integrating auxiliary data and geophysical techniques for the estimation of soil clay content using CHAID algorithm January 2016
Relationships of soil shrinkage parameters and indices with intrinsic soil properties and environmental variables in calcareous soils September 2016
Using magnetic susceptibility to discriminate between soil moisture regimes in selected loess and loess-like soils in Northern Iran February 2016
Impacts of geology and land use on magnetic susceptibility and selected heavy metals in surface soils of Mashhad plain, northeastern Iran January 2017
Seasonal and spatial variations in dust deposition rate and concentrations of dust-borne heavy metals, a case study from Isfahan, central Iran January 2017
Comparing the efficiency of digital and conventional soil mapping to predict soil types in a semi-arid region in Iran February 2017
Using ground-penetrating radar to explore the cemented soil horizon in an arid region in Iran January 2017
Digital soil mapping of soil classes using soil maps in the arid region southeastern Iran June 2017
Soil-parent material relationship in a mountainous arid area of Kopet Dagh basin, North East Iran January 2017
The extrapolation of soil great groups using multinomial logistic regression at regional scale in arid regions of Iran November 2017
Multiple linear modeling between soil properties, magnetic susceptibility and heavy metals in various land uses March 2018
Particle Size Distribution of Heavy Metals and Magnetic Susceptibility in an Industrial Site March 2018
Soil drainage assessment by magnetic susceptibility measures in western Iran March 2018
Erodibility of calcareous soils as influenced by land use and intrinsic soil properties in a semiarid region of central Iran April 2018
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Application of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) to Predict Soil Organic Matter Using Remote Sensing Data in Two Ecosystems, Biomass and Remote Sensing of Biomass January 2011

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